Google planea ofrecer "cientos de películas" de forma gratuita en Play Store en un futuro próximo

Google Play Films soon with better image quality thanks to HDR10 +

Google plans to offer "hundreds of movies" for free on the Play Store in the near future

Although it currently only serves a very small niche, HDR10 + will soon land on Google Play Films.

When I think of movies and series, the last thing I do is watch them on Google Play Films. However, there seem to be enough users to improve the services offered. By the way, Google is now announcing that it will soon support Google Play Films for HDR10 + content. However, upgrading the screen also requires the user to have the right hardware. Until now, Google Play Films already supports HDR10 for content in Ultra HD (4K) resolution.

HDR10 + is just a niche product

At the moment, HDR10 + should really only interest a small number of people. So it’s even more exciting that Google is no longer sleeping here and is adapting at an early stage. Currently, there is almost no content suitable for HDR10 + and suitable end devices are still rare. For mobile devices, for example, the OnePlus 7 Pro is one of the few Android smartphones with an HDR10 + display.

Google Play Films only offers content for a rental fee or a purchase price. There is no streaming subscription like there is with Netflix and Amazon Prime Video.