Google Play Store: la próxima conversión radical para la aplicación de Android está aquí (capturas de pantalla)

Google Play Store: content for kids, fitness apps, more transparency for subscription offers

Google Play Store: The Next Radical Conversion For Android App Is Here (Screenshots)

Google has announced some new features for the Google Play Store, such as better markup for children’s content and new specifications for subscription offers.

In recent days, Google announced and introduced some innovations for the Play Store. This includes, for example, enhanced markup for children’s content. The “Teacher Approved” symbol is new. In fact, the fact that the apps for kids have been rated by relevant people plays a role here. “Applications that have been rated by teachers and meet our quality standards receive a ‘Teacher Approved’ badge.

You can even find out in detail why an app is classified as “Teacher Approved”. This ranking is initially only available in the US, but the new feature will also appear in international markets in the coming months.

Google creates more transparency with subscriptions

For future subscription-related offerings, Google wants to make sure users can see all important details at a glance. For example, the terms of use must be clearly legible. Additionally, a developer can no longer hide when a free subscription is automatically followed by a paid term. Customers should be able to see when a cancellation may be required before the subscription is charged.

The example on the right is bad, important information is missing or must be placed in the background due to the color scheme. The left would be an example of what Google is asking developers in its new policies on the Play Store. More details on subsequent costs, clearly and easily visible.

Google Play Store on Android TV boosts fitness apps

Most obviously on the Android TV homepage, Google is now pushing a promotion for fitness apps. There should be something similar on the mobile Play Store, where Google is also pushing new collections for fitness and health apps.

New collections in Play Store: