Google Play Store: la próxima conversión radical para la aplicación de Android está aquí (capturas de pantalla)

Google Play Store now recommends web apps too

Google Play Store: The Next Radical Conversion For Android App Is Here (Screenshots)

Google is rolling out the Play Store for the most suitable progressive web apps from various Android apps to be installed on Chromebooks.

Until now, the Google Play Store was only intended for Android apps, but now a new kind of app is appearing. Google also seems to recommend progressive web apps, if that’s the best option. The latter is the case with Chromebooks, for example. If there is a web application equivalent of an Android application, I personally prefer to use it. Which is also due to the fact that Android apps are not yet optimally deployed on Chrome OS.

Chrome OS: Google Play Store installs browser apps instead of Android apps

So far, there are very few apps for which the Google Play Store automatically installs the PWA and not the native Android app. YouTube TV and Twitter are among them so far, Chrome Unboxed reports. These web applications act like Android applications but are browser based. I had always had good experiences with him in recent years.

For me it is like with my colleagues, the Twitter application of the Play Store is the PWA. This could be the case for other applications in the future.