Google Play Store: busque mejor con los nuevos filtros de búsqueda: así es como funciona

Google Play Store: Search Better With New Search Filters – Here’s How It Works

Google Play Store: Search Better With New Search Filters - Here's How It Works

Google is expanding the Play Store on Android devices with a little innovation that streamlines our app search a bit.

Have you ever searched for something on the Google Play Store but didn’t get to your desired destination really fast? That might be easier now, because the new search filters are there. They only appeared with the first users a few weeks ago, now Google has started a more extensive launch. The new filters should also be available to German users, at least they do for me on various German-language devices.

These new filters are basically simple buttons below the search bar, with which you can further refine your search. Google limits us to a few options, for example to be able to filter the quality of the applications. A high average rating theoretically speaks of a high quality of the application, so Google offers appropriate filters.

Screenshots show new search filters:

Search filter in Play Store with room for improvement

You can also filter by Premium and Play Pass, but this is not always possible. At this point, notice that the filter provision is inconsistent and always slightly different. Filters do not appear, for example, when searching for brands like Spotify directly, but with an addition like “App” or “Tool” it works. There are no filters yet that allow us to filter by download size, free / paid or number of downloads, maybe some time later.

So far these filters exist:

  • 4 stars and more
  • 4.5 stars and up
  • Cousin
  • Game pass
  • recommendations
  • New

Search filter not available on the web

Like I said, the selection is still slim. But I can also understand that Google doesn’t want to offer countless filters here, as that affects usability a bit negatively. Filters are not available on the web version of Google Play, which has been out of date for years and does not seem to receive any updates.