Nuevo para Chrome: acceso directo de incógnito, finalización diferida para aplicaciones de Chrome y píldoras de búsqueda de tendencias

Google promises to provide tab groups as a new feature

New for Chrome: Incognito shortcut, deferred completion for Chrome apps, and trending search pills

Google has been working on a new tab layout and tab grouping for the Chrome browser for a long time, the feedback on it has been very positive.

Tab groups for Google Chrome have been a hot topic for some time now, they allow significantly better management of open websites, especially on the mobile version. However, the tab groups are still experimental and not available to all users. If you are interested in the tab groups, you must first activate the experimental function.

Google Chrome: tab groups are definitely coming

Now, the Chrome team has made a short statement on Twitter. Google seems to be getting a lot of positive feedback on tab groups. We are currently still in a testing phase, but tab groups will likely be a new standard feature in Chrome. At least at some point. It appears that a final date for availability has not yet been set.

Along with the tab groups there is also a new representation of the tabs in the grid layout, we had already written about enabling this feature.

Chrome for Android: How to activate the new tab groups