Google: ¿Ha fallado el desbloqueo facial en teléfonos Pixel?

Google redelivers a faulty Android update

If your smartphone suddenly doesn’t recognize you anymore, even without cosmetic surgery, Google has released another buggy system update.

If your Android smartphone suddenly stops unlocking, it is annoying and not that easy to fix either. Google seems to deliver a faulty system update again, this time the face unlock of the Google Pixel 4 is affected. Instead of scanning and recognizing the user’s face, the software reports that the hardware cannot be accessed. Or ask the user to try again. Vain. For most affected users, the error only occurred after installing the latest late security update.

Google Pixel 4: Face Unlock Attacks and Steals a Convenient Feature from Users

Interestingly, this update brought with it the point of improving face unlock for each user in the long term through a new extension. The opposite is true. There doesn’t seem to be a solution to the problem at this time. Neither the rescanning of his own face nor a reset of the stored data. Unfortunately, there is no backup either, so the Pixel 4 smartphone has to be unlocked again with a PIN.

Meanwhile, Android Police has passed the bug on to Google, which is now taking care of the matter. I saved myself from this error, in the end it worked quite well for me. Fingers crossed.

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