Calendario de Nokia para Android 11: cuatro teléfonos inteligentes a finales de este año

Google reveals the names of Android 11 desserts

Nokia calendar for Android 11: four smartphones later this year

Already knew? Google continues to name new versions of Android after a dessert, Android 11 was also named internally at Google after a dessert.

Until version 9, Android always had a dessert in its name; this addition was permanently removed from Android 10 onwards. Google wants to be simpler when it comes to naming its own software. However, the upcoming Android 11 also has a dessert name. Internally, Google refers to each new version of the operating system after a dessert, which was probably also the case with Android 10 and in the years before.

Internally, Google still relies on dessert letters and names.

If this year’s Android had an additional letter in public communication, the new Android R would launch this fall. It also appears in the source code (AOSP) from time to time. Internally, Android 11 is called RVC for short, which stands for Red Velvet Cake, Google’s Dave Burke reports in an interview.

Dr. Oetker on the red velvet cake: “This American cake seduces with its red color and heavenly white frosting!”

The Android versions with the official name of the dessert were always called differently internally. The famous Android 4.4 KitKit was internally called Key Lime Pie (KLP), and Android 5 known as Lollipop was internally called Lemon Meringue Pie (LMP).

And so, actually, there was a slightly different name internally for each version of Android, which is probably known to very few “normal” users. We somehow miss the dessert names, they could have kept.

Dave Burke in an interview about Android 11

The new Android 11 is likely to arrive in September, and the public beta is currently running for Pixel smartphones and various third-party devices. With the release of the first beta, Google also revealed most of the built-in innovations, which are mostly less noticeable but very interesting. In my opinion, the highlight is the incorporation of messaging applications.