Pixel 4: las cifras de ventas son malas: ¿por qué Google no está construyendo teléfonos inteligentes exitosos?

Google saved the Pixel 4 for the summer

Pixel 4: Sales Figures Are Bad - Why Isn't Google Building Successful Smartphones?

Google has improved the Pixel 4, the displays now offer a higher maximum brightness. This is clearly visible in the first days of spring.

A few weeks ago, Google rolled out a feature update for Pixel smartphones. Among the innovations was an exciting upgrade for the current Pixel 4 series devices. You can readjust the maximum brightness of the integrated OLED displays by updating. During the winter there were some days with a weak enough sun to prove it. However, the spring that has just begun warrants a better testing environment. And Google was really able to save the Pixel for next summer, the screen is now really easy to read even in bright sunlight.

Display update: Google made the Pixel 4 suitable for summer

In the last few days we have often walked in full sun, and the Pixel 4 was always very easy to read. You can literally see how the screen handles better against the strong backlight, which works really well for me in everyday life these days. In recent months, we’ve walked in the weaker winter sun most of the time, and the Pixel 4’s display made a worse impression. So far it has been difficult for me to evaluate the effects on the battery.

The described update has been available for over a month, the first test results in the “lab” promised 35 – 40% more brightness. Too low a brightness was basically the only major criticism of good displays when the devices were launched. For the Pixel 5, Google may offer more directly from market launch.