Google Translate ahora le permitirá iniciar sesión y sincronizar vocabulario

Google Translate will now allow you to log in and sync vocabulary

Google Translator is one of the best translation apps out there and with an update it has been given a feature that syncs vocabulary.

When it comes to quickly understanding the content of text that is written in another language, Google Translate has been useful for years. The number of languages ​​supported is huge: 103, 59 of which can even be used offline if the corresponding dictionary has been downloaded.

Google Translate: update to version 6.11

After the update to the latest version 6.11 there is another feature, as I was able to find out from my colleagues at Recently, a profile icon has been lurking in the upper right corner, hiding the ability to log into your Google account. This means that you can synchronize your vocabulary between all the devices on which you use Google Translate and are connected to the Google account.

The description of the application in the Play Store says:

• Vocabulary: mark and save translations of words and phrases in all languages ​​for future reference

• Synchronization between devices: log in to synchronize vocabulary between the application and the desktop

Google Translate – Simply Convenient Handwriting & Camera Translator

This integration of vocabulary into Google Translate is certainly a sensible development and makes the app an even more useful companion in everyday life than it already is. There is the camera function, with which even foreign characters can be deciphered in a very short time, or the recognition of handwritten entries.

When it comes to translators, mainly between English and German, I also take every opportunity to recommend my favorite DeepL tool. The AI-enabled web application does an excellent job of delivering grammatically correct text in no time, which usually only needs a little proofreading.