A partir de ahora, Google ya no vende teléfonos inteligentes de alta gama.

Google update improves Pixel 4 face unlock

As of now, Google no longer sells high-end smartphones.

With the December update, Google Pixel 4 receives an unannounced upgrade for Face Unlock.

With a bit of a delay, Google is rolling out the December update for the current Pixel 4. After a long time, there is something in the changelog showing in the system menu. This time there is a Face Unlock optimization. Google now wants to be able to offer us a Face Unlock that improves automatically. As you can see from the description, Face Unlock should now get smarter with daily use. To do this, recordings that are created when using Face Unlock are processed.

Again, the changelog doesn’t reveal everything.

But that is not all. More optimizations have already been released with the start of the December update. Including the elimination of the flicker that was seen with Smooth Display in certain circumstances. Additionally, Google has now announced its first major feature drop, which will bring several new features to the system and apps regardless of the December update.

Some new features: Big drop in pixel smartphone features