El nuevo uso compartido cercano de Google llega a los teléfonos Samsung

Google’s New Close Sharing Comes to Samsung Phones

Close sharing ends on other Android smartphones, and Google’s new sharing tool is now available on current Samsung devices.

Google has been testing the new close sharing for a few weeks, for which you must have installed the latest version of Google Play services. At first it was said that the beta should definitely go live. In any case, it is already evident today how Google does not make the test of close sharing dependent on the manufacturer of the smartphone. The new software is already appearing on the first Samsung smartphones and tablets.

Basically, Near Sharing is known to be offered on all Android devices soon, regardless of manufacturer. The only requirement is Android version 6 or higher and of course Google Play services installed. However, I was expecting a first test, which Google will limit to its own Pixel phones. But that’s not the case, the guys at AllaboutSamsung can confirm.

Close sharing ends on other Android devices

Samsung offers its own Quick Share, but this is limited to Samsung devices. Google’s new solution is independent of the many vendors, but allows a similar variant of fast file sharing to nearby devices. In any case, the “hidden” test is underway before close sharing is sent to everyone starting next August. Getting the tool today seems to depend on luck.

The distribution of the trial version is definitely pure coincidence. The new Close Sharing is coming to my colleagues on a number of different Samsung devices, me on none of my smartphones and therefore not on my Pixel devices. If the function is available to you, you will find, among other things, an icon in the quick settings. Nearby Sharing should also appear in the Share menu if you want to share media or files.

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