La nueva protección contra spam de Google para usuarios de Android

Google’s new spam protection for Android users

Google's new spam protection for Android users

Google is introducing a new spam protection for Android users that better helps against phishing and spam. The basis for this is the internal message application.

Google is introducing advanced spam protection for Android, which will be available through the Messages app. Here, the group wants to verify the phone numbers of the companies and make them visually recognizable as genuine. Therefore, Google acts against spam and phishing. Users should be able to see more clearly if an incoming message really comes from the respective company and is therefore reliable. Especially when you get links and similar content, you want to be well protected against spam and phishing.

Verified SMS

“Verified SMS for messaging, which is currently being rolled out in several countries, will help you confirm the real identity of the company sending you the SMS. The function checks by message to see if the content has been sent from a specific company. If a message is verified without your messages being sent to Google, the company name and logo and a check mark will appear in the message thread.

Initially, this innovation will be introduced in France and Spain, not yet here in Germany. However, Google promises a launch in other countries soon. There is also a new real-time protection against spam, which is only being rolled out in the United States at the moment.