Bastante inteligente: los subtítulos inteligentes de Google están disponibles para Google Duo

Google’s nifty captioning feature will soon be available for phone calls too

Pretty smart: Google smart captions are available for Google Duo

Automatic captions will be expanded on Google phones, with the Pixel 4a and other devices expanding in the fall.

Last year, Google introduced live captions (or automatic captions). You can always add subtitles to current audiovisual content on the phone screen. Basically what we know from the movie portals and YouTube, only on the smartphone and really for all the content. Google would like to expand this feature in the fall, but for now only in English and of course exclusively on its own Pixel smartphones from current and previous generations.

Extended Live Captions for All Pixel Phones in Fall

Later this year, live captions will be possible for phone calls, with or without video. If the interlocutor’s language is difficult to understand or the phone call is generally of poor quality, this could be a good thing and help you better understand the other person.

“Pixel 4a also has live captions that provide real-time captions (English only) for your video and audio content. New with the launch of the Pixel 4a, and also for Pixel 2, 3, 3a and 4 phones, live captions will now automatically tag your voice and video calls. “

Actually, live captions are not only intended exclusively for Pixel smartphones, but should also be available directly through the Android operating system. But of course the “popular” features are only available on Google at first, which shouldn’t be a surprise.

Live captions on video

You can turn on automatic captions, as they are called on Android devices, through quick settings. There should be a corresponding button there, at least on Google’s Pixel smartphones. Personally, I rarely use it, but I still find the basic idea quite interesting.