Chismes: "Colonia 50667" ¡Maddy y Marc duermen en la misma cama!

Gossip: “Colonia 50667” Maddy and Marc sleep in the same bed!

Gossip: "Cologne 50667" Maddy and Marc sleep in the same bed!

It seems as if the ex“Cologne 50667“The performers really want to defend their supposed relationship. On the telenovela RTL II Maddy Nigmatullin and Marc Eggers aka Lina and Phil performed their scripted love story in front of the cameras, but now it seems like they are more than friends in real life. After accidentally showing a kiss photo, they now revealed another sweet detail from their life. So are Maddy Nigmatullin and Marc Eggers together or not?

Update, June 24, 2020: A shared bed finally makes the rumors sizzle!

In their latest YouTube video, the two influencers and former actors Maddy Nigmatullin and Marc Eggers answered questions about their move. As some attentive fans noted, there is only one bedroom in their new apartment, so one user immediately jumped at the opportunity and asked if they would sleep in a regular bed. Although Maddy and Marc often avoid such questions or give sarcastic answers, this time Marc openly admitted: Yes, they sleep in the same bed. It seems that the couple (maybe, but maybe not) are slowly giving in to their relationship and yet they are very public about their relationship, don’t you think?

But let’s be honest, these speculations are really just a trick, because if you look closely, you see not only the attraction of the two, but above all the loving glances and especially their cheerful charisma. The move to their common pet, the Moscow puppy, should have been another public tip that says: We belong together and not just for today. The two of them are also thinking of spending some other time together abroad and they really seem to be planning their future together. In any case, we are happy for both of you and we wish you all the luck in the world. Of course, just purely hypothetical!

Update, June 16, 2020: Maddy and Marc are silent on their relationship

It’s probably the most frequently asked question by the two influencers: Are Maddy Nigmatullin and Marc Eggers together or not? So far, the alleged couple has been silent about their relationship. However, in their joint YouTube videos on their YouTube channel “That’s Us MxM”, they repeatedly play on speculation and now even provide clear evidence of their relationship. Whether it was intended or not, the rumors are simmering and causing a lot of excitement among fans.

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Just a few days ago, Marc and Maddy moved into a new apartment, in their YouTube videos they let their fans participate in their move and allowed private information about their four walls and their daily life. During a sequence in which they tell more about their cooking, a large background image of Maddy Nigmatullin and Marc Eggers can be seen together. A special detail: In the photo they are holding hands and they look quite familiar. The fans are sure: you wouldn’t do that to everyone!

Fuzzy, but still clear: Maddy Nigmatullin and Marc Eggers shake hands.

A kiss as clear proof

While it could still be assumed that this has nothing to do with a relationship, another clue seems to speak much more clearly that Maddy and Marc should be a couple. Due to her move, the former “Cologne 50667” actress is in a real shopping frenzy. Marc Eggers films his during a shopping tour in a furniture store roommate Maddy and catch a racy detail. When the Cologne-born woman turns around, her cell phone screen lights up and her background image can be seen for a fraction of a second. In it you can see: Maddy Nigmatullin and Marc Eggers during a deep kiss.

This kiss image background is a clear indication: Maddy and Marc are a couple!

If that’s not a sugar-sweet confession. While many assume that a mistake must have been made and that this sequence was only accidentally left in the video, others think it was intentional to finally dispel speculation about a relationship. So the question of whether Marc Eggers has a girlfriend and Maddy Nigmatullin has a boyfriend seems to have finally been answered, right?

Update, November 19, 2019: New evidence suggests a relationship

New clues have joined the string of references to a possible relationship between “Colonia 50667” actors Maddy and Marc. Over the weekend, a joint YouTube channel of the two went online under the name “That’s Us MxM ”. The first video, a vlog from Iceland, already reveals new information. Maddy Nigmatullin gifted Marc Eggers the trip shown for his birthday. On the plane the first note (although broken): In a speech of thanks from Marc to Maddy as well as in the declaration that it would be the best vacation because he had this great woman by his side, almost a kiss!

Maddy Nigmatullin and Marc Eggers almost kiss during their flight to Iceland

The two can also be seen in hugging moments and obviously share a bed in the hotel room.

But that is not all. The two are now back from vacation, but Marc is currently only out of bed on his Instagram story due to illness. The loyal fans should not have missed the fact that the bed in which the actor spends his day comes from none other than his “roommate” Maddy. They both keep it exciting and leave room for puzzles.

Marc Eggers heals at home in the bed of his “roommate” Maddy

Marc and Maddy: Together or not?

Anyone who has been following the Cologne-based woman’s Instagram channel for a long time should have noticed after ex-boyfriend Jonas split earlier in the year that Maddy Nigmatullin’s love life has turned quiet. While initially only male faces known as his best friend Danny Liedtke (“Cologne 50667”) or Sorush Fiazi could be seen in his stories, the new addition to the series, Marc Eggers, joined the series a few months ago. More and more often the two could be seen in numerous videos together with friends. More recently, even on holiday in Mallorca.

Conscious community asks questions

Despite the attempt at secrecy, it did not go unnoticed by fans that Marc Eggers suddenly began shooting more videos at Maddy Nigmatullin’s apartment. During several live broadcasts, the two tried to avoid questions from their curious fans at first, but eventually bowed to the pressure and admitted: YES! We live together. There were also visits to musicals with Maddy’s parents or romantic days for two in Paris. When asked if that would mean they were a couple, they responded The stars of “Colonia 50667” remain unanswered.

Tracks after tracks

Current recordings of Maddy Nigmatullin’s Instagram story reinforce the assumption that there is more than just friendship between the two “Cologne 50667” actors behind the scenes.

The actress is passing her self proclaimed Birthday week with her best friends in Dubai. During a tour of the house, she shows the different bedrooms and it is noticed that there is a black hoodie in front of the bed in Maddy’s bedroom. But wait a minute, weren’t the men wearing black hoodies on the day they arrived?And that’s not all!

During an evening limousine ride on the way to a club, Maddy Nigmatullin films herself and her guests. While at first you just notice that Marc Eggers, as in almost all current shots, is sitting right next to the blonde, something surprising happens in the following sequence: Marc is obviously about to kiss and Maddy abruptly breaks her video! Are they hiding their love here?

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Whether they are together or not, it seems that both actors have realized after their last relationships that they want to keep their love life to themselves for now. We wish you both the best (of course, just in a friendly way, officially)!