Gran ejercicio abdominal

Great abdominal exercise

Great abdominal exercise

Uargs. Is that really healthy?

Veronika Pfeffer explains:In the video it is very exaggerated, that is not necessary. When done correctly, these exercises are very healthy and important to stabilize the core. However, especially for beginners: less is more! You don’t have to retract your belly button excessively, so you have trouble breathing. The smallest movements are enough to achieve a training effect ”.

Stefanie Gottstein adds: “At first glance, I’m not a fan of this ‘over the top’ abdominal training method. Holding my breath Increased blood pressure which can have unpleasant consequences for people with cardiovascular problems, but certainly also for dizziness in healthy people. I don’t see the added value of holding your breath and turning your stomach. “

This is how the “stomach vacuum” works

Stand up, place your hands on your hips, and exhale fully. Pull your stomach in as much as you can while keeping your shoulders straight. Imagine you want to suck your belly button down to the spine. As soon as it has worked, the exercise should not only be possible while standing, but also on your knees, sitting, or even lying down. We recommend 3 x 20 second intervals, three times a week (for example, Monday, Wednesday, and Friday). Veronika Pfeffer says about correct breathing: “Is there very important not to hold your breathbut to continue breathing normally while pulling the navel 5 mm “.