¡Gran princesa!  Es campeona mundial de kickboxing y estudiante modelo.

Great princess! She is a world kickboxing champion and model student.

Great princess!  She is a world kickboxing champion and model student.

“Talent is just practice and practice makes perfect.” The stanza of the German rapper Kontra K is not a phrase, but a statement to which Sarah Liegmann believe firmly. At the age of eleven, Sarah stood on the mat wearing boxing gloves for the first time. Little did she know at the time that his dream would one day be to become a professional kickboxer. Today he lets Kontra K’s song play through the speakers as his opening song every time he walks into the room for a competition. And it will probably always remain that way. The text is meant to remind you that success is only the result of hard training. Motivation is the most important thing. This is the only way to withstand the pressure of extreme sports. Sarah does not lead the life of a normal teenage girl. He trains six to seven times a week and is on a strict diet and fitness plan. After school, he can’t meet up with his classmates or sit on the couch. You have to stick to a precise schedule. It doesn’t work any other way.

Trust in success? Sarah Liegmann has a plan B.

You don’t always know how to get all of this under one roof. However, in addition to her success in sports, she is also a model student. “I have learned to put the ambition I have in sports in school. I can’t just lay on the couch and relax after school. I have exactly 2 hours in the afternoon to do my homework. And if I don’t make it in that time, I’ll be unlucky. “ He knows that if his grades drop in school, he will have to quit his sport. Sarah always has one goal in mind: “I want to study something with sports. This is my plan B. ” Because despite her successes, Sarah is not invulnerable. Every time she enters the ring or is hit, a great fear runs through her mind. A few years ago he had a knee injury that no one discovered. She kept fighting, despite the pain. When he said his knee hurt, he was repeatedly diagnosed that everything was fine. It was terrible for her. During this time, he noticed that a dream can end very quickly. This is why you need a plan B and why you don’t want to neglect your school. The most important thing is to keep the objective in mind and stay in reality.