Gregor Meyle: así debería ser

Gregor Meyle: This is how it should be

Gregor Meyle: that's how it should be

Gregor Meyle: This is how it should be

wantedon 03/27/2008 | 11:46

Gregor makes women happy with his guitar and his voice

It was a good decision to perform at SSDSDSSWEMUGABRTLAD. Gregor Meyle’s incentive to participate in Stefan Raab’s casting program was that “you can sing whatever you want” there. The 29-year-old quickly delighted the audience and the jury with his soulful songs and only came in second place after Stefanie Heinzmann. That his debut album This is how it should be It would not take long to arrive, it was not only clear to his fans. And so it will be on the record shelves from March 28.

It has become a German album full of pain, emotion and hope. Gregor managed to combine all his emotions in a single disc and thus process them.

“A good musician feels what he is playing”: this is his attitude towards music. And when you listen to his first single, “So It Should Be”, you believe without a doubt that he processes what he feels. A broken relationship that ends after five years despite love has led him to put his feelings into song. But the other songs on the album are also full of emotion. They are personal, authentic, autobiographical, soulful, ups and downs. But not only the lyrics are wonderful, the music simply accompanies it. When you listen to the CD, the songs raise your skin, so that you can almost sympathize with Gregor. You don’t want to stop hearing her wonderful voice. Our starting tip is “At some point”, which he wrote for one of his best friends. With its lively chorus, the title has the potential to be a true spring hit.

Gregor still can’t believe his music made it to the album’s release. The former sound engineer had played with his dream for too long, and it finally came true. Despite his success, he has not lost sight of one thing: “Happiness is when you enjoy doing what you have to do”, he reveals and it shows that he not only says it, but is really happy.

Released: March 28, 2008

Source: Universal Music / desired