Qué asco !!!

Gross !!!

How horrible is that? The girl orders a dress online, happily unpacks the delivery at home, and then makes this cruel discovery. A skeletonized mouse foot peeks out from the seam. Really terrible. It is not yet clear how the mouse got into the seam. It probably must have jumped into the machine during processing, was overlooked, and died on the garment …

Also impressive: This girl sews jackets with human skin!

What sounds like a scene from a horror movie doesn’t seem so weird after all. On Reddit, another user commented on the “dead mouse post” like this: “My friend’s daughter found a dead, rotten mouse on her pillow. I’d been using the pillow for months before it started to smell bad. As the pillow was covered, the smell was not so extreme, but when she took off the cover she had to vomit first… “