Gwen Stefani: Tu nuevo single saldrá pronto

Gwen Stefani: Your new single is coming out soon

New single

wantedon 09/19/2014 | 13:02

Now it’s official: a new single from Gwen Stefani awaits us. After a long hiatus, the No Doubt leader returns with great news. The singer has been working on her solo album for a long time, and now it should be in a couple of weeks …

It seems like Fergie isn’t the only pop singer to surprise us with a comeback single this year! too Gwen Stefani is scheduled to release her new single soon. This wouldn’t be the first time the two singers had released their songs at the same time: Gwen Stefani and Fergie each released a new song eight years ago. Fergie’s single “The Dutchess” came out in September 2006, Gwen Stefani’s song “The Sweet Escape” just three months later.

Gwen Stefani releases a new single

Gwen Stefani’s new song “Baby Don`t Lie” will be coming soon, according to the music blog “The Grape Juice”: The song will be on US radio on October 6 of this year. Californian radio station Star 94.1’s DJ Haze has already praised on Twitter: “I just heard the new Gwen Stefani! Woohoo! It will be great! ”

Gwen Stefani is doing a PhD

The release of the single comes in handy for Gwen Stefani, because the singer will appear as a judge on the US edition of “The Voice” starting on September 22nd. Of course, Gwen Stefani uses her engagement to promote her new song. But that’s not all he has in store for us: according to “”, a No Doubt album will be released in addition to the solo album. Music genius Pharrell Williams is said to have participated on both albums.

After Fergie, Gwen Stefani will now also release her comeback single. Two queens of pop, two successful solo careers – only one good thing can come of this. We are excited and looking forward to hearing the songs!

Image Source: Photo by Bryan Bedder / Getty Images for LAMB