Aniversario de GZSZ: triste despedida de Bommel

GZSZ anniversary: ​​sad farewell to Bommel

Bad times

wantedthe 08/12/2014 | 12:14

Last night, August 11, 2014, episode 5555 of the hit telenovela “GZSZ” flashed on television screens. When it comes to suspense and drama, the creators of the series did a lot again. But for a character from “GZSZ,” particularly bad times were announced in the anniversary episode…

A few weeks ago Merlin Leonhardt aka Till “Bommel” Kuhn announced his departure from “GZSZ”However, many fans of the series were not up to the sudden and dramatic. Unequal couple relationship Katrin Flemming and Till Kuhn collected. But Bommel could no longer live with the intrigues that his beloved had spun around the scene magazine “GZSZ” “Metropolitan Trends” and simply left Katrin standing at the train station.

GZSZ: Bommel has tired of Katrin’s intrigues

Katrin and Till had become “GZSZ’s” unexpected dream couple. The tough running woman and the penniless garbage man had brought a breath of fresh air to the cast of Jörn Schlönvoigt, Wolfgang Bahro and Co.… Yes in episode 5555 of “GZSZ” this love also broke up. After all, as is known, good times are always followed by bad …

GZSZ: Will Katrin cope with the loss?

At first, things seemed more than rosy for Katrin and Till in “GZSZ” – the perky bobble helped her lover get back on his feet after the stroke, but Katrin didn’t want to shift her priorities in favor of love. Bad times are also on the agenda of “GZSZ” newcomer David Brenner, is currently facing a greedy gang of blackmailers. But since we know our favorites “GZSZ”, they will definitely know how to turn things around again.

What did you think of the brilliant anniversary of “GZSZ”? As sad as the departure of Merlin Leonhardt, who has repeatedly caused storms of excitement among fans with his refreshing manner and various topless scenes, is sure to be good times again.

Image source: © RTL / Rolf Baumgartner