¡Choque de salida GZSZ!  ¿Jo Gerner muere en serie?

GZSZ exit shock! Does Jo Gerner die in series?

GZSZ exit shock!  Does Jo Gerner die in series?

Wolfgang bahro

Noooo, please don’t! Without HIM, GZSZ would no longer be GZSZ! Will Wolfgang Bahro leave the RTL series? Does Jo Gerner die in series? Do fans really have to say goodbye to him after 25 (!) Years? At least that’s what a creepy video suggests.

It would be the end of an era and of course all fans of the RTL series are now shocked: the broadcaster publishes a short video on Instagram that encourages rumors about the possible departure of Wolfgang Bahro. Because in it you can see how Jo is buried underground, obviously dead. Only his head still looks out of the ground. Will the enmity between him, Katrin, Laura and Felix escalate to the point that Jo will lose her life in the process?

What speaks of an exit!

In addition to his work as a “good times, bad times” actor, Wolfgang Bahro also loves acting and is always on stage at the Berlin Palace Park Theater. Therefore, you may want to focus on the theater stage in the near future. Indeed: In recent years he has managed to get both jobs under one roof without any problems.

In 2017, Wolfgang Bahro spoke to DWDL about his serial death and how he would like to get out. The answer: it should be dramatic. The last video definitely talks about drama.

“As I am a huge fan of Fantomas, I would really like to see Gerner sailing his yacht into the sunset.” And more: “And suddenly the yacht explodes because a villain has placed a bomb there. And if everyone thinks Gerner is dead, you see a periscope coming out of the sea and you know Gerner is sitting safely in a submarine, “he said.

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If you applied this theory to the current video, it would mean: Jo Gerner is buried and everyone thinks he is dead. But in the next scene you can see how little by little he opens his eyes, Gerner’s smile comes to light.

What speaks against a way out

Fans know it: Wolfgang Bahro extended his contract for five years about two years ago. That means Jo Gerner should definitely still be in the series for 2021. But here too, keep in mind: contracts can, of course, also be terminated.

One thing is for sure: if actor Wolfgang Bahro really says goodbye, it would be an incredible loss for the series. What you think? Can you imagine the series without Jo Gerner? Unthinkable or do you think Felix could even replace him in the meantime? Let us know your thoughts on this in the comments on Facebook.