GZSZ: la ex estrella Jan Sosniok se casará pronto

GZSZ: Former star Jan Sosniok is getting married soon

GZSZ: Former star Jan Sosniok is getting married soon

Dream wedding

wantedon 04/19/2013 | 11:28

Former GZSZ star Jan Soskniok is getting married soon and now reveals how he wants his wedding to be. Actor and friend Nadine Möllers have been happy together for four years.

In 2011, Jan Sosniok, who appeared with GZSZ on and off from 1994 to 1998, and his lover Nadine even had a baby. Now the wedding of the two is finally imminent. The former GZSZ star and his girlfriend Nadine first want to renovate their house together, so the wedding won’t take place until next year. The couple have already carefully considered all the details.

GZSZ: former star Jan Sosniok gets married

In an interview with “IN”, former GZSZ actor Jan Sosniok revealed how you imagine the wedding of your dreams. Jan Sosniok hopes that the wedding will be a small celebration with the closest family. “I’m afraid I won’t avoid the fact that the party is a little bigger than the engagement,” admits the 45-year-old. “Since we are not in church, we can only get married in a civil ceremony”the former GZSZ actor explained.

GZSZ: Jan Sosniok wants a romantic wedding

Even if the former GZSZ actor doesn’t want a ceremony, he should Romantic wedding ceremony be. Jan Sosniak, for example, can imagine getting married on a farm. The former GZSZ actor believes his lover will opt for a simple wedding dress. Daughter Frieda is sure to sprinkle rose petals, because by then she will be able to walk.

We are very happy for the former GZSZ star and curious to see if her wedding plans will change until 2014.

Image source: gettyimages / Sean Gallup