GZSZ: Janina Uhse es insultada en línea

GZSZ: Janina Uhse is insulted online

GZSZ: Janina Uhse is insulted online

Fur accusations

wantedthe 04/16/2013 | 11:15

GZSZ star Janina Uhse wouldn’t have expected such a headwind! The sympathetic actress has been hostile recently on social media like Facebook, Twitter & Co. The reason for this is the supposedly real skin that she wears as “Jasmin” in GZSZ.

Janina Uhse’s role in GZSZ has had one lately big change finished. After her stay in the US, GZSZ- “Jasmin” returned optically completely renovated back to the Berlin neighborhood.

GZSZ: Jasmin always wears fur, but fake!

She is from the fashion tailor once something serious much more open, wild GZSZ- “Jasmin” with acting ambitions. Now she wears the popular ombré hairstyle, in which the ends are lighter in color and a much rockier style of clothing. These include, above all, lederhosen, tank tops, lace tops, rough boots … and skin! Too much for animal rights activists and militant fur opponents. They criticize the popular GZSZ actress on the internet and posted her A lot of not particularly nice comments on your Facebook profile.

GZSZ: Janina Uhse can’t understand the uprising

GZSZ star Janina Uhse, meanwhile, calmly reacts to nasty comments on her Facebook page. The 23-year-old can’t understand the shit storm, because what she knows, in contrast to fur-haters: The skins she uses as “Jasmin” in GZSZ are by no means real. “Dear ones, to get the buzz out of the world: I do NOT use real fur on the show! Janina, ”the beautiful GZSZ actress posted on her Facebook page. He also sent his fans a photo of a tag that clearly shows that it was Synthetic skin acts.

We can understand that Janina Uhse’s fans were upset by the fact that she repeatedly wears skins like “Jasmin” in GZSZ. Because real skin doesn’t have to be! But before you shoot such a person, you need to find out if it really is real skin. If you look closely, you can also see that it is just faux fur. There were probably no experts working …

Image source: Facebook / GuteZeitenSchlechteZeiten