4 secretos de la reina de las compras que nadie conoce

GZSZ: Janina Uhse leaves

4 secrets of the shopping queen that nobody knows

First it was rumors, now it’s official: Janina Uhse up to Good and bad times outside. RTL has now confirmed that Jasmin nowak (formerly: Jasmin Flemming) will only be seen until Summer 2017.

The station just announced that Janina is coming out with a great story. “Our authors have written a great story about this, which is now beginning and will move and cheer audiences long after the May 17th anniversary.“It is probably no goodbye forever. Jasmine will not die serially. Actress Janina Uh is left open if she will return at some point. So it looks like northern Germany is taking a television break.

But why? Janina Uhse is pregnant? Does she just want to take a break? Or is Janina Uhse concentrating on other projects? We speculate: she is not pregnant. He recently had a glass of champagne and posted this summer photo!