GZSZ: ¡Katrin Flemming tiene un nuevo peinado!

GZSZ: Katrin Flemming has a new hairstyle!

GZSZ: Katrin Flemming has a new hairstyle!

Ulrike frank

Wow, wow, wow! We actually only know Ulrike Frank aka Katrin Flemming from “Gute Zeiten, Bad Zeiten” with her classic medium length hairstyle. Now the actress has been to the hairdresser and has dared to create a completely new look.

On the side of Wolfgang Bahro aka Jo Gerner, Ulrike Frank has been seen as Katrin Flemming since 2002.

Ulrike Frank: very fashionable with a bob hairstyle

On Instagram, the 49-year-old woman now surprises her followers with a fait accompli. At the hairdresser, not only was her hair dyed, but a whole piece was also cut:

With the hashtag #copperhair he reveals what is unfortunately not so easy to see in the image, that is, that he now has red hair. At least you can see that her previously dark mane shines more with highlights. But what is definitely visible is the layered bob that falls freely on her face.

Fans on Instagram are raving: “She looks really cool” and “She got even prettier” are just two of many glowing comments. “I’ve been thinking for a long time that you need something new,” says a user who is a hairdresser. And what can we say: we really like the change, shorter hair definitely makes you look younger!

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What do you think of Ulrike Frank’s new hairstyle? Do you like the haircut and are you already looking forward to seeing it on your TV screen in GZSZ or did you think her old classic Katrin Flemming looked so much better? Let us know what you think in the comments!