GZSZ-Maren y Alex van por caminos separados

GZSZ-Maren and Alex go their separate ways

GZSZ-Maren and Alex go their separate ways

After an adventure

Now the truth is coming out! In the GZSZ special, Maren finds out who the father of her child is. And then he burst into tears. Will two dream couples break up in GZSZ?

On a business trip and after a lot of alcohol, Leon and Maren end up in bed together. They both agree then that this misstep must remain between them. But life has other plans, because soon after Maren finds out that she is pregnant. For weeks she has been tormenting herself with the question of who is the father of her baby.

So she takes a paternity test. She takes the result to Mallorca, she reads it there alone in the GZSZ Special. And breaks into bitter tears. Leon seems to be the father. And the GZSZ preview confirms exactly that and reveals: Both couples are going their separate ways for now.

+++ Warning, spoilers +++

Ever since Alex found out about Maren’s pregnancy, she’s been on the cloud. He is infinitely happy to finally be able to start a family with Maren. The news that Maren cheated on him hits him even worse. With Leon. A world falls apart for Alex, he breaks up with Maren, and drowns his frustration in alcohol. Sophie is also incredibly hurt and doesn’t want to know anything about Leon just yet.

As Alex ignores the pregnant Maren, Leon takes care of her and the fetus. But although a reconciliation with Sophie would be possible for him because the two are slowly getting closer, Leon does not tell him that he is meeting Maren. But Sophie sees the two of them together. She makes a decision …

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What you think? Will Alex and Maren or Leon and Sophie get back together? Or was it finally over between them? Could you forgive an affair with such consequences? Let us know your thoughts in the comments on Facebook.

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