GZSZ: Raúl Richter muere hoy en serie

GZSZ: Raúl Richter dies today in series

GZSZ: Raúl Richter dies today in series

Motorcycle accident

wantedon 11/24/2014 | 10:30

The wedding bells for Raúl Richter aka “Dominik Gundlach” recently rang out on “GZSZ,” and the roller coaster of emotions is already going downhill fast. Because the beautiful hours that the “GZSZ” heartthrob spent with his friend from the series Elena García will soon turn into the worst hours of their lives. In today’s episode of “GZSZ” Raúl Richter dies in series!

For a few weeks there has been speculation about how Raúl Richter will leave last night’s series “GZSZ”. While fans of the actor hoped until the end that he at least kept a back door open to return to “GZSZ” after a break, Raúl Richter made it clear once and for all in a new RTL trailer: “This outing is final!”

GZSZ-Beau Raúl Richter: from boyfriend to accident victim

In the short clip that RTL television network posted on its website, fans can also get a first look at the dramatic scenes of Dominik’s accidental death. So it is clear: Raúl Richter suffers a tragic motorcycle accident in today’s episode of “GZSZ” – and that only shortly after his wedding to his serial friend Elena García. “You may have read it, heard it, seen it. It’s true, ”said Raúl Richter in an interview with RTL. How his newlyweds and his best friend “Tuner” react to the tragic serial death of Raúl Richter, the audience can continue from tonight at 7.40 pm on “GZSZ”.

GZSZ star Raúl Richter: “This outing is final!”

With the motorcycle accident, Raúl Richter ended his commitment to “GZSZ” after seven happy years once and for all. After all, some unlikely things happen in a daily soap, but no one has returned from the dead! Although Raúl Richter has scored points in the past with his commitments to “Let’s Dance” and “DSDS,” the “GZSZ” star announced on the RTL morning show “Guten Morgen Deutschland” that he would be on the television scene after leaving. Daily Soap would like to turn its back on you first. “I think it’s great if you can’t see my face for the first time,” Raúl Richter mysteriously said about his future plans, “now I’m enjoying my free time!”

Raúl Richter deserves it after seven long years with “GZSZ”, but we hope to see the beautiful actor again on television soon. So saying goodbye will be a little less painful tonight!

Image source: © RTL / Rolf Baumgartner