GZSZ-Shirin: Seis preguntas para Gamze Senol

GZSZ-Shirin: Six Questions for Gamze Senol

GZSZ-Shirin: Six Questions for Gamze Senol


Six questions for… Gamze Senol.

It took some getting used to at first, but now it’s just adorable: Actress Gamze Senol has been seen as Shirin on the RTL GZSZ series since October 2017.

Meanwhile, actress Gamze Senol has become an integral part of the GZSZ cast. But the plan was different: because Shirin was supposed to leave the series after a few months. But her role was so well received that the event director returned to Kolle-Kiez.

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After some dramas with her husband Erik (Patrick Heinrich) and climbing in Mallorca, Shirin finally divorces him and is happy with John (Felix von Jascheroff). But the past is not over yet: since Shirin Erik helped rob a bank many years ago, he will soon have to answer in court. And that greatly destroys the relationship with his Turkish parents. But at least in terms of career, things are going very well for him: John and Shirin run a joint agency and organize events such as the “Mauer Flower Festival”.

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But what parallels are there between Gamze and her role as Shirin? Do you also like fast cars? What bothers you about your role? We asked the actress six questions about fast cars, her tattoo, and kisses on set.

Six questions for Gamze Senol

1. desired: What is the meaning of the tattoo (is it an S?) Behind the ear?

Gamze Senol: Shirin has a sister: her name is Sibel. The S stands for Sibel.

2. Do you like fast cars in private? Or are you afraid of driving?

I love to drive. I can really disconnect.

3. What did you think when you had to kiss Felix von Jascheroff (in his role as John) for the first time in front of the camera?

Hopefully it doesn’t smell more like last night’s garlic paste. (laughs)

4. Shirin protected her husband Eric for weeks, even though he didn’t want to change and the love had long since ended. Did you find this part of your role annoying or do you understand why he acted that way?

Both of them. On the one hand annoying because he felt that both had developed in such different directions and that a really happy relationship was impossible. And yet, he could understand why Shirin couldn’t let him go. Eric was not just her husband, but everything Shirin had known until then: love, friendship, and pain. It’s hard to turn your back on things and people that have been with you for a long period of time to say goodbye.

5. If at some point there was an exit from GZSZ (which of course we do not expect): How would you like to exit GZSZ? Death? Drama? Move?

I find serial death very radical. And a totally spectacular move. I think a farewell to the drama would be more appropriate. (laughs)

6. What similarities are there between you and Shirin?

We are both very lively, but I am not as impulsive as Shirin. (laughs)

What do you think of Rolle Shirin? Did you also feel like you had to get used to her for a long time at first, but now you find her really nice? What you think? Will you have to pay for what you did so many years after the robbery? Let us know your thoughts on this in the comments on Facebook.