GZSZ: Sila Sihan está filmando con su ex novio Jörn Schlönvoigt

GZSZ: Sila Sihan is filming with her ex-boyfriend Jörn Schlönvoigt

GZSZ: Sila Sihan is filming with her ex-boyfriend Jörn Schlönvoigt


wantedthe 04/11/2013 | 17:34

It recently turned out that the relationship between “GZSZ” star Sila Sahin and Jörn Schlönvoigt ended. The numerous “GZSZ” fans now naturally wonder how Sila Sahin feels about filming with her ex-boyfriend.

In the RTL soap opera “GZSZ”, Sila Sahin and Jörn Schlönvoigt are still together. Meanwhile, almost every “GZSZ” fan has surely realized that harmonious times for the couple in real life have been a thing of the past. Especially the scenes with the baby are supposed to it was extremely difficult for Sila Sihan and fellow actor Jörn Schlönvoigt.

GZSZ: Sila Sahin and Jörn Schlönvoigt still play a pair

In her private life, “GZSZ” star Sila Sahin also dreams of having a family of her own. This makes it even more difficult to film those scenes, and that with her own ex-boyfriend. “The first scene with Jörn, the baby and I was totally emotional for both of us. We were both very touched and I think we both expressed it very authentically, “revealed the” GZSZ “actress.

GZSZ: Sila Sahin just does her job

“We are actors and that is part of thatyou play something like that and we are very professional and the baby makes up for it all, “said Sila Sahin in a video interview on the” GZSZ “website. At the moment, the beautiful dark-haired actress is two or three days a week with little Emilia in front of the camera “GZSZ”. Ex-boyfriend Jörn Schlönvoigt is there too, but that doesn’t seem to bother Sila Sahin. After all, she just wants to do her job: act. He seems to be enjoying himself, especially with little Emilia. “There are days when I tell myself that I would also like to have a baby like that, but it would be too soon, I prefer to be a surrogate mother.Sila Sahin explained.

The way Sila Sahin deals with the difficult situation is very professional. We hope that she can continue to play the friend of “GZSZ” star Jörn Schlönvoigt in front of the camera.

Image Source: RTL / Rolf Baumgartner