La estrella de GZSZ Chryssanthi Kavazi ha perdido 28 kilos

GZSZ star Chryssanthi Kavazi has lost 28 kilos

After birth

She is back in Good and bad times: Actress Chryssanthi Kavazi returns after parental leave in her role as Laura to RTL-Daily and now reveals how she got rid of her pregnancy pounds after giving birth.

At last the time has come! GZSZ-Laura is back in Kolle-Kiez and immediately offers something to talk about. After his long stay in Greece, he makes a confession of love to his ex Felix and still seems to have feelings for him. In real life, Chryssanthi Kavazi has taken time off to be with her son, who was born in November 2019.

Now she talks openly and honestly about the fact that she gained a total of 28 kilos during pregnancy, as Bild reports. And it reveals how she got rid of the kilos.

The metabolism cure

He did this with the help of a metabolic cure, so he paid close attention to his diet. “It usually lasts six weeks. But I did it for three months. First there are two loading days. This means that you eat as much as you can to jump-start your metabolism. So you have to be without carbohydrates, sugar and fat for 21 days. Then I cooked without oil, I put the meat on the grill or in the oven ”.

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The perfect after-baby body is an illusion

Although actor-singer Tom Beck’s wife has lost the extra pounds, Chryssanthi also openly admits that her body is still not the same again.

“I don’t have a tight stomach and it doesn’t look like it used to,” he replies in his Instagram story to a follower who asks how he got a flat and firm stomach again. Kavazi apologizes to his fans if he gave them this illusion. Because your body is still not perfect again. That just takes time.

“It’s not the norm to go back to looking skinny like most of the women here on Instagram who just had a baby two weeks ago.” But she also admits that she was exposed to stress after giving birth. to get to the previous body weight. And she gives all moms some advice along the way:

“Please take your time. You just had a child. You have created the greatest thing that exists. And everything else will come in time. “

Chryssanthi kavazi

We think it’s great that Chryssanthi treats this topic so openly and honestly and encourages other moms to do so. And they think: it looks just adorable regardless of whether the stomach is tight or not.

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