Felix van Deventer, estrella de GZSZ, muestra a su nueva novia

GZSZ star Felix van Deventer shows off his new girlfriend

GZSZ star Felix van Deventer shows off his new girlfriend

Happy again

His role as GZSZ, Jonas, always lets the macho hang out who doesn’t think about solid relationships and weddings. In real life, GZSZ actor Felix van Deventer (22) has just fallen in love. Now he shows him his new girlfriend for the first time.

He has finally been happily forgiven again! Felix was single for almost a year, he had to deal with the separation from his ex-girlfriend Vivien Radigk, whom he is said to have cheated on through flirting on Facebook. The conflict became public, Vivien separated from Felix.

But now the actor seems to have processed the past. Show off your new girlfriend on Instagram. His name is Antje, he comes from Potsdam and he is 22 years old. In the photo, the two kiss passionately, Felix lovingly holds his girlfriend’s face and despite the kiss you can see how the GZSZ star is radiant.

Comment on the photo with lines from the song “Girls Like You” by Maroon 5: “But now it’s all good, baby. Move that wood, baby. And play with me close [Joint mit teuren Papers], Baby. And be close to me ”. In the hashtags he makes it clear that @aaaaaaaanniii belongs to him: #mygirl (German translation: # meinMädchen). And Antje also publishes the photo on his Insta-Channel and the tag with: “My love”.

9 years after they left! This is what GZSZ-Paula looks like today:

It seems like the two of them have been around a bit longer. But now it seems that they no longer want to hide their love. What do you say? Does it seem really exciting to you who the GZSZ stars are with in real life? Or are you just really interested in their roles? Let us know your thoughts on this in the comments on Facebook.