La estrella de GZSZ Jascha Rust habla sobre la mujer de sus sueños

GZSZ star Jascha Rust talks about the woman of his dreams

GZSZ star Jascha Rust talks about the woman of his dreams

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wantedon October 18, 2011 | 16:27

Jascha Rust has played “Zac” on “GZSZ” since March of this year. But who is really behind the sweet newcomer from “GZSZ”?

GZSZ Newcomer Talks About The Woman Of His Dreams

Since March 2011, Jascha Rust has played herself in the role of the American exchange student Zacharias Benedikt Klingenthal, known as “Zac”, in the hearts of his viewers in “Gute Zeiten, Bad Zeiten” (GZSZ). But who is really behind the cute newcomer from “GZSZ”? Unlike “Zac”, who turns the life of Alexander Cöster upside down, with whom the student spends his exchange year, the 20-year-old Berliner is booked in private. In an interview with RTL, Jascha Rust confessed what the woman of his dreams should look like and which “GZSZ” colleague he likes best.

“GZSZ” star “Ayla” did it to Jascha Rust

“I don’t have a real dream woman. I believe that every girl has something very special, it does not matter if she is blonde or brunette, tall or short, fat or thin. Humor, intelligence and spontaneity are more important to me than the perfect image of a woman, “the” GZSZ “actor told RTL. The actor does not like malicious, jealous and hysterical women at all. Unlike Womanizer “Zac”, the blond actor only had one girlfriend, with whom he was together for two years: “We had a great time. I am glad that we parted well and that we are still in contact. ” When asked which “GZSZ” actress she would probably start with, Jascha Rust smiled: “Ayla is particularly cute.” The 20-year-old admits this is private and has now sadly already given it to GZSZ star Jörn Schlönvoigt on the series. The sweet Berliner probably won’t stay single for long. Jascha Rust can be seen from Monday to Friday starting at 7.40 pm “Gute Zeiten, Bad Zeiten” on RTL.

Image source: RTL