La estrella de "GZSZ" Merlin Leonhardt regresa

“GZSZ” star Merlin Leonhardt returns

The star of "GZSZ" Merlin Leonhardt returns

Pompoms return

It was one of the great romances in “GZSZ”: Merlin Leonhardt aka Bommel and Katrin, played by Ulrike Frank, fall in love and become a couple, until the relationship breaks down and the student leaves the Kollekiez. But now it comes back. So do the signs point to the beginning?

Bobble is back!

“GZSZ” star Merlin Leonhardt doesn’t seem to want to say it so clearly, but one thing’s for sure: it will be exciting between Bommel and Katrin. After all, your ex-lover is suddenly at the door again and that needs to be processed first. “At the moment, he is coming to terms with the past,” reveals Merlin Leonhardt in an RTL interview. You meet again and basically still have the same feelings, according to the “GZSZ” star.

“You have to see if you can still get along with the other person or not and then maybe it will shine again at some point, maybe not,” the bobble actor makes it exciting. For Merlin Leonhardt and his “GZSZ” character, after almost two years of abstinence from soap, things are still exciting. It’s no wonder the 27-year-old was happy about his return. “For me it is like coming home. The atmosphere is so familiar and yet exciting and exciting. I am happy every time I walk to the studio in the morning, ”he admits, according to media reports.

“It will definitely be exciting”

He was a bit nervous at first, but after ten minutes he was back to normal. And what did Merlin Leonhardt do after leaving “GZSZ” in September 2014? Above all, he worked on his acting skills, as he reveals to the announcer: “I just tried to develop more as an actor, to discover new aspects and then take them on the set.” But then Merlin Leonhardt apparently doesn’t want to divulge more, I don’t even like it. otherwise, I could continue for him in “GZSZ”. “I could tell the story as far as I know it, but then I would give it my all. It will definitely be exciting, emotional, romantic, and sometimes very sad! ”, Informs.

We are already looking forward to the fact that Bommel-Mime will be a part of “GZSZ” again starting August 24th. And who knows? Maybe there will be a second chance for him and Katrin.

Image Source: RTL / Rolf Baumgartner