GZSZ: sorprendente regreso del amor

GZSZ: surprising return of love

GZSZ: surprising return of love

Felipe + Laura

There still seem to be feelings at play! Will GZSZ-Philip and Laura get back together after all? What speaks for it? Felipe kisses Laura!

Even after the dramatic Mallorca Special, there is no peace in Kollekiez. Maren and Alex have separated, they both suffer greatly from the separation. Sophie and Leon have grown closer again, but Sophie is visibly suffering from the situation. And now, surprisingly, an old love seems to break out again.

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Philip seems unable to hide his feelings for Laura anymore. Already in Mallorca he confessed to his brothers while drunk that he simply could not forget Laura. And that’s despite the fact that she betrayed him so badly. As a reminder: not only did she want to scam the Till Kuhn Foundation, but she also cheated on Philip for his lousy plans with another man, which is why he ended the relationship.

The relationship between Philip and Felix is ​​getting strained! Who will Laura choose?

Another chance for Laura and Philip?

Will he get involved with Laura again against the advice of others? RTL preview shows: Philip and Laura are at least very close.

And this is how it happens: Philip loses his USB stick, in which important documents for the foundation are stored. Desperate, he asks Laura for advice. She helps him find it and tadaaaaaa finds the USB stick under a parked car. Philip takes a burden off his heart, so he sincerely apologizes to Laura AND kisses her.

Even though he knows Laura isn’t good for him, he can’t get her out of his head.

What you think? Will the two return together? Would they make a great couple or do you think they don’t go together at all? Is it really a coincidence that Laura of all people found the stick or would you also trust her that she intentionally hid it beforehand? Let us know your thoughts on this in the comments on Facebook.