GZSZ: ¿Qué está pasando entre Anni y Jasmin?

GZSZ: What’s going on between Anni and Jasmin?

GZSZ: What's going on between Anni and Jasmin?

Sparkling eroticism

wantedthe 10/01/2013 | 16:28

It seems as if the creators of the hit telenovela GZSZ were nervous about the lesbian love between Anni and Pia, because apparently the writers of the plot are relying on the effect of sexual attraction between two women. This time, even the former opponents should get pretty close …

That new lesbian roommate Anni GZSZ would be very agitated was already clear before the hit soap opera began, but that she tie with two women GZSZ nobody expected that.

How close are Anni and Jasmin the ladies of GZSZ?

After a night of partying, Anni wound up first in bed with Pia, the hot sex scenes seems to have been so well received by GZSZ viewers that the series creators continue to focus on Power of eroticism between two women put on. But only a few of GZSZ’s sealed fans would have expected Anni’s next flirtation victim!

GZSZ-Anni accelerate!

As “Express” reports, Annis should be the newest object of desire About jasmine! Although the two GZSZ women can’t stand each other at all, they turn night into day together and get really close! After a night of drinking, Anni and Jasmin enter a pool and jump into the cold water, fully clothed. During the illegal bathing fun, GZSZ-Anni realizes that she has a crush on Jasmin. “Of course I cannot reveal if Anni can break up with Jasmin. Just this: Anni will give a lot of gas to win Jasmin’s heart, “said Linda Marlen Runge, who plays Anni in GZSZ, in an interview with” Express. ”

Oh la La! It sounds like tingly eroticism, which should especially delight male GZSZ fans! We are curious how Anni wants her roommate to be around.

Image Source: (c) RTL / Rolf Baumgartner