GZSZ: ¿Tayfun Baydar finalmente regresará?

GZSZ: Will Tayfun Baydar finally return?

GZSZ: Will Tayfun Baydar finally return?

Suspicious photo

Will Tayfun Baydar finally return to GZSZ after two years? RTL reveals it!

Two years ago, Tayfun decided to leave the series to pursue other projects. He was there for a total of eight years at the time, he was part of the main cast. But now he posted a suspicious photo that sparked speculation among fans: Will Tayfun return?

What can you see in the photo?

It’s actually a perfectly normal image: Tayfun smiles sympathetically at the cameras. But what makes many suspicious: the photo was taken by Sebastian Geyer. And Geyer is the photographer who shoots many sessions at GZSZ. Baydar also uses the hashtag #GZSZ below the image. Does the photo come from a professional GZSZ shoot? Was it recorded on set? Fans asked exactly these questions.

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That’s what RTL says

But: All those who were hoping for a return will sadly be disappointed. Promiflash asked RTL and wanted to know if there will really be a comeback. “Even if all of us at GZSZ miss our dear colleague Tayfun Baydar, as well as the role of Tayfun, the return is not currently planned and therefore not an option,” said spokesman Frank Pick. Her role doesn’t fit the plot at all, because Emily is happy with Paul again.

It’s a shame, we would have been very happy if Tayfun had returned. But who knows: maybe one day I will return. What you think? Would you have liked to reprise your role? Or did it just bother you in the end anyway? Let us know your thoughts on this in the comments on Facebook.