Cuidado del cabello para cabello fino

Hair care for fine hair

Hair care for fine hair

Tips and tricks

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Fine hair requires special care. With the right volumizing shampoo and styling tricks, bad hair days are a thing of the past.

Hair care for fine hair

Blondes, in particular, tend to suffer from this: fine hair and lack of volume. It is twice as difficult for them because fine hair is usually also very sensitive at the same time. However, elaborate styling actions with straightening irons, combs and hairspray can put a lot of pressure on the hair, which in turn means that in addition to the lack of volume, broken ends are added. Most split ends and similar care products are too heavy for fine hair. So what can you do to get out of the vicious cycle of styling and grooming or, better yet, not even get into it?

Volume shampoo and proper care

Fortunately, the cosmetic industry has already come up with some ideas and developed products that can do both: care and still provide volume. Volumetric shampoos and shampoos for fine hair gently cleanse the hair, remove excess oil and at the same time provide conditioning substances. However, they are not as rich in care substances as a shampoo for damaged hair, so you need extra care from time to time. If you have a tendency to split ends, you can use the hair conditioner sparingly and only on the ends. Light volume spray cures with a push-up effect that stay in the hair and “fill” it with substances produced by the hair (such as keratin) are suitable for every day.

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Special hair dryer sprays protect hair from heat and provide great volume.

Powerful hairstyle for fine hair

For proper support, gently squeeze hair with a towel after washing (do not rub, this will make hair too tight), blow-dry briefly, then spread a volumizing lather over towel-dried hair. Styling products that protect against the effects of heat at the same time are ideal. Then blow-dry your hair in the growing direction for a nice shine. You also get support if you then brush individual strands of hair on the hairline with a skeleton brush vertically upward and apply them.

You can tame loose hairs by spreading a little styling cream well between the palms of your hands, then lightly brushing through your hair. So that the strands do not get too much. In general, one should always make sure to be inexpensive with styling products. Otherwise, in the long run, excess residue can build up on your hair and make it difficult, and that’s the enemy of all volume.

The foam and hairspray ensure that the volume does not collapse even with fine hair.

Help from a professional

By the way: the right haircut can make styling much easier. The layered and fringed looks are perfect and visually fluff up the hairstyle. Even highlights can add some volume. First, they slightly roughen the hair structure, making the hair more voluminous, and second, the hair appears more because the color play visually simulates “more”. You must avoid teasing in the fight for volume. In the long run, this breaks the hair.

At a glance: tips and tricks to increase volume

– use special shampoos and spray cures for fine hair – use styling products sparingly – a skeleton brush and a blow dryer on cold setting are the right tools for volumizing styling – protect your hair with thermal products from the heat of the hair dryer – let your hairdresser advise you which hairstyle to provide more volume on your head

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