Cuidado del cabello: entrevista con la peluquera de lujo Shan Rahimkhan!

Hair Care: Interview With Luxury Hairdresser Shan Rahimkhan!

Hair Care: Interview With Luxury Hairdresser Shan Rahimkhan!

wantedon 09/25/2013 | 14:01

The big stars entrust her with their hair: of course, we are talking about the luxury hairdresser Shan Rahimkhan. We talk to the hair professional about perfect care, the best products, and the right routine. Find out more now!

The market is full of hair products with luxurious ingredients like caviar, champagne, diamond dust and the like. What do you think of them personally? What “ingredients” do you use for your product series?

“I don’t think much about champagne and caviar in my hair. I think champagne is there to drink and caviar belongs to the toast, not the hair. For my products I have chosen natural and renewable substances from the plant world such as argan oil and tamanu oil. , but also bamboo extract, aloe vera and quinoa ”.

The dream of every woman is healthy hair and, above all, shiny. What advice can you give our readers to get the maximum shine?

“Shiny hair can only be achieved with healthy hair. And healthy hair can be achieved, for example, without using a blow dryer that is too hot and by making sure that the hair needs care like the skin. A balanced and healthy diet, of course, is also important to. “

There are always new products in the hair care sector. What is your latest discovery that you can even offer exclusively in your salon?

“What we offer in our salon is that we offer our treatments Shiny gold or Shiny silver, both from our series True color, mix with stain and apply when staining or streaking. I can use it to make the color a little warmer or cooler in terms of the result. Because my cures are rich in argan oil and quinoa, the hair is also perfectly cared for: the argan oil it contains makes it flexible, the quinoa has a wonderful strengthening effect “.

In his shop on Kurfürstendamm, as well as on the Gendarmenmarkt, he offers his customers a culinary program for the palate: how do food and hair / beauty fit together?

“For me, one thing is closely related to the other. Without the proverbial beauty on the inside, beauty on the outside cannot really be achieved. Also, for me, of course, enjoyment is part of the overall concept. In our restaurants we offer healthy and delicious cuisine made with fresh products from the region. , also as a combination of foods, in ours Shan Kitchen Here at Kurfürstendamm we especially recommend our homemade smoothies, fresh every day with seasonal fruits and vegetables! “

What type of care routine should you adopt for medium-long hair? In other words, how often should you wash your hair, what products should you use every day, and how often should you go to the salon?

“Basically, you have to go to the hairdresser every 6-8 weeks and washing your hair every 2-3 days is completely sufficient. If you still prefer to wash your hair daily, you should use a mild product. What is good for your hair every day does is a care and styling product like this go smooth from the series True control by Shan Rahimkhan. It is important that you only take a very small amount. The aloe vera gives the hair an extra portion of moisture and the bamboo extract provides the necessary flexibility. “

How did you come to design your own product line? What have the other manufacturers lacked? What makes your line special?

“The unique thing about my product line is that all the products are adapted to the different needs of fine hair and that has never existed before. I also wanted a product that was as natural as possible, but also offered good technical performance. “Either or” but “both and”, that’s what I mean by my hair care line True successful “.

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