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Hair loss doesn’t just affect men, women are also not safe from losing their beloved whale mane. To prevent hair thinning and make your mane look full again, there are tons of different hair restorers. We’ll tell you if they really work or if the hair restoration business is sheer dizziness.

If you lose 50-100 hairs a day, you don’t have to worry about excessive hair loss because it is totally normal that you have to get rid of some of your well-groomed and beloved hair every day. However, if you think that your hair loss is significant and, above all, permanent, you should go to the trouble and collect your hair. If you really lose more than 100 pieces a day, you should see a dermatologist; he can determine the cause of hair loss after a detailed examination of your scalp, blood, and organs. Because this is crucial for the treatment and to know if hair restorers can have any effect on you.

Hair restorer can restore full, strong hair

Hair restorer: how to get rid of hereditary hair loss

The most common cause of hair loss is your genetic predisposition: if your parents gave you the appropriate genes, it can happen that your body produces too many male hormones, more precisely the sex hormone dehydrotestosterone. This attacks the sensitive roots of the hair and causes them to wilt; the result is hair loss and light spots on the head. Since destroyed hair roots can only be activated in 50 percent of patients suffering from genetic hair loss, you should start using hair restorer as soon as possible after diagnosis. There are countless shampoos, hair lotions, pills, and cures that promise you a successful treatment. Actually, there are currently only two active ingredients that really make hair restorer successful.. In the fight against hair loss, you must trust hair restorers who Minoxidil or Finasteride Contains.

Minoxidil hair restorers work, even if no one knows exactly why

The first active ingredient, minoxidil, is more of a chance discovery, as it was originally used as a remedy for high blood pressure. One of its side effects quickly made it a popular hair restorer – minoxidil promoted hair growth in many high blood pressure patients. Scientists cannot yet fully understand why this is so. The most likely theory is that the active ingredient promotes blood flow to hair cells and therefore stimulates hair production. For minoxidil-containing hair restorers to work, you need to massage a solution that contains about 2 percent of the active ingredient into your scalp every day. – As soon as you stop the treatment, the effect that the hair restorer had on your mane fades away again. For a pack of hair restorer that lasts for three months, you should plan around 50 euros, and that permanently!

Hair Restorer with Finasteride: Fight Sex Hormones

Experts are currently pinning their highest hopes on the active ingredient finasteride: it prevents the hormone testosterone from being converted to dehydrotestosterone, which in turn is the cause of hair loss. In this way, the roots of your hair are less attacked, and you will automatically lose less hair! With finasteride you can stop hair loss permanently, but to do this you must use the hair restorer, just like any other hair restorer, permanently. Since only half of those affected can reactivate damaged hair roots, you should be prepared for the fact that finasteride hair restorers can preserve the condition that prevailed on your head at the beginning of treatment, but give you a mane more complete again. It is not guaranted! Finasteride must be prescribed by a dermatologist, it is not freely available at the pharmacy. Like any medication, this hair restorer also has side effects: since the active ingredient prevents the conversion of sex hormones by blocking an enzyme that triggers this process, the hair restorer can affect your desire. Although only about 2 percent of patients report a loss of libido, you should still be aware of the risk before starting treatment.

With caffeine and estrogens against hair loss.

In your trusted pharmacy you will find a large number of products for men and women that promise fuller hair and should stop hair loss altogether. Since minoxidil and finasteride are not available over the counter, hair lotions, tinctures, shampoos, and remedies use stimulants like caffeine. Estrogens are also used to balance excess male hormones at the roots of the hair. Unfortunately, these agents do not usually have a long-lasting effect. However, dermatologists recommend that they can be used in addition to your doctor’s prescribed hair restorer. So you can help the medical hair restorer in the fight against thinning hair on your head!

Unfortunately, the miracles promised by many hair restorers in advertisements don’t come true, so if you suffer from excessive hair loss, you should rely on the power of medicine and work with your dermatologist to develop a battle plan against hair loss. hair loss. If you start using the hair restorer early enough and stay in the ball permanently, you can keep your mane and expect great volume and strong hair.

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