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Hair Thinning: Finally a twist on your hairstyle!

Hair Thinning: Finally a twist on your hairstyle!

Fat hair

While I look like this in the mirror and wish my hair was a lot more voluminous, there are actually people who have thinning hair. Very voluntarily. Yes, you heard that right! And that’s not a crazy idea, it can be really useful. You can find out here when you should thin your hair or just do it yourself.

“My hair is too thick” I wish I had that problem too! But you always want what you don’t have. Even with problems, how it looks. But while I play with fine and fine hair, there is also the other side. Many women have extremely heavy and thick hair that makes daily styling hell for them. Nothing wants to last, each ponytail is slipping down and you don’t even want to start curling, because it only looks like it lasts five minutes. The solution to the problem: thin your hair! While we with fine hair help each other with extensions, a weight loss method works the other way around. Here is the hair weight that is lost to achieve the perfect hair volume.

Some have too fine hair and others too thick. In the latter case, it can help thin the hair.

Hair thinning: why it makes sense

As already mentioned, some manes need to be tamed with scissors, and not only in terms of length, but also in terms of fullness. This can have unexpected positive effects on the hairstyle of men and women alike:

  • Hair no longer hangs so heavy and flat.
  • Whether you wear them naturally or, for example, make sugar spray waves or curls with a straw – the hair falls much more alive, dynamically and sways with each step.
  • Sparse hair sometimes adapts better to the proportions of the rest of the body. For example, some women are very thin and small, which can make thick hair look abnormally fluffy and disproportionate.
  • In fact, a thinning haircut also has a positive effect on hair volume. So the hair looks fuller beforehand because gravity no longer gets in the way.
  • Short haircuts like pixie cuts don’t look as bristly as they do with thick hair. Hair looks much better and can also be styled in various ways.

As you can see: thinning hair can make sense with strong hair. So if you also suffer from the fact that your mane is unruly and your hair almost looks like a wig, if you cut your hair properly, request thinning as an additional program! Your hairdresser can help you achieve the ideal volume. Then you can ask about the cost of weight loss, it differs from salon to salon.

Instead of using normal hairdressing scissors (right), thin your hair with thinning scissors (left).

Thinning Hair Yourself: It Works With These Instructions!

If you don’t want to spend money on the hairdresser, you can also try thinning your hair yourself. Maybe you already have some experience cutting your hair (or at least the bangs) yourself.

The thinning scissors are the ideal tool for thinning hair.

All you need for the DIY method is a little time and some thinning scissors. There are, for example, in pharmacies, in hairdressing supplies or online. Normal hair cutting shears would not have a thinning effect as they cut entire strands of hair. Thinning scissors, on the other hand, only cut individual strands when you go through your hair with them. In this way, the hair becomes thin very easily. Cutting hair and losing weight are not the same.

Before you start, you should wash your hair, blow-dry it, and style it. Then the full volume splendor is best shown. Put on a towel, tie the top layers of hair, and ideally lean over the bathroom sink. Here we go:

  • Divide your hair at the back of your neck into two equal sections. For editing, now always take individual strands about 3-4cm thick.
  • Now place the thinning scissors in a section about half the length of the hair.
  • Now cut gently and pull the scissors down through the thread. You will see some hairs shed.
  • Now start a little lower on the strand, cut the hair again and pull the thinning shears down. Then the hair becomes thinner and thinner towards the bottom. Caution: don’t overdo it so it doesn’t look like your hair is broken!
  • Caution: never set the scissors too high! This can create a lot more volume on the head through many small hairs sticking out tousled. And you don’t want that!

One additional tip to prevent your hair from getting so thick: make a stepped cut. Layered hair is automatically thinned. If necessary, you can help again with the thinning scissors.

You will also learn some useful tips and tricks for thinning hair in this video tutorial, in which you can also see the effect before and after the procedure.:

Thinning hair is not that difficult and can be a true miracle cure for extremely thick hair to finally get a nice twist on the hairstyle. By the way: you can also do it all with a razor blade, with which you simply go through the strands of hair. However, it could make your hair look frizzy and you could hurt yourself if you slip. Try what you think is best!

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