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A serious bob at the office in the morning, a long flowing ponytail for a cocktail party with your friends, a funky pony on a date, and a wild whale mane for dancing at the club – all in one day! An utopia? Are you kidding? You mean it when you say that! Hair pieces make it possible. Goodbye to the bad day: Thanks to the practical hairpieces, you can erase this middle term from your vocabulary! Here you can find out how useful fake hair can do!

You probably also know those damn mornings: you brush, straighten, dry and spray … And what happens? It just keeps getting worse, hair just won’t sit! That is finally over. From now on you can turn over in bed in the morning instead of struggling for hours with your hairstyle. Hair Pieces: These are the rediscovered miracle weapons for unruly hair. And they can do so much more – hair pieces can conjure up just about any hairstyle you want in no time.

Hair pieces: dream hairstyle to wear

Sometimes there is nothing more boring than your own hairstyle. In such situations, a change simply needs to be made: a new haircut, a shorter pony, colored highlights – that would be exactly the right thing to do. But going to the hairdresser is sometimes a bit too radical and in these situations it is usually rushed. And this is exactly where hair pieces come in: with them, it’s very easy to conjure up a change in your head. The hair pieces give the hairstyle a whole new scope – they are available in a wide variety of designs, so almost any hairstyle is possible.

Hair pieces conjure up a true whale mane in no time

With clip-on locks, you can, for example, artificially lengthen short or medium hair or visually compress and fill long hair. These hairpieces are perfect for those who grow and care for their hair and still never get the length they want. Even impatient people who just don’t have time to wait for natural hair growth benefit from clips as they can transform short hair into long manes in just a few minutes. Artificial braids are also practical hairpieces: they are available in many different designs and lengths, from a straight ponytail to a braided braid and a curly strand of hair, anything is possible! With an integrated clip, these hairpieces can be easily attached to real hair. For festive occasions, you can also conjure up fancy hairstyles with the wrong hair. Long, voluminous hair is essential to many elaborate updos. Before hairpieces were invented, you had to remove makeup from such hair creations; now all hairstyles are possible for you. With a little skill and dexterity, a hairpiece can be incorporated in such a way that voluminous knots and braids can adorn each head. With the pony hairpieces you give your style that something special: a pony to hold that does not have to grow for a long time and has an ugly transition length in the middle, it could not be more practical and simple!

Hair pieces or extensions?

For years, extensions were THE alternative to short or fine hair. Even now they are in high demand and expensive threads are overlooked by many. One thing is obvious: hair pieces are much more practical and cheaper too! The extensions are set in the hair for a long period of time and thus determine the hairstyle for this period of time. Also, some holding methods, such as those using hot glue, can damage your hair. Hairpieces, on the other hand, are removed every night, that is, you can wear a different one every day and therefore always wear a different hairstyle. Since the hairpieces are only held in place with clamps, clips or suspenders, they do not harm the hair. Another advantage is that hairpieces are much cheaper than extensions because there is no tedious training process at the salon. Since there is no hairdresser by your side, you need to make sure that the color of your own hair is almost identical to that of the hairpieces, as the hairpieces can quickly look artificial in the wrong shade.

Hair pieces: synthetic hair vs. Real hair?

Most hairpieces are made from real or synthetic hair. Both have advantages and disadvantages, so you have many options. Hairpieces made from real hair do everything that is also possible with real hair: blow dry, dye, straighten, curl! You can work on it however you want, even with heat, without damaging it. You can adapt these hairpieces to your natural hair by combing them. The downside is that the actual parts of the hair require much more maintenance. The striking counterpoint is and remains the price: real hair is an expensive affair, synthetic hairpieces are much cheaper. However, the big disadvantage is that you have to decide on a style. Since they are made of plastic, synthetic hair should never be heat treated. Artificial hair parts can no longer be changed in shape and color. They retain their original state even after washing. But this can also be an advantage because an annoying and time-consuming style is no longer necessary. Synthetic hairpieces are not as durable as hairpieces made from real hair, but they are available in countless variations, colors, and lengths. It is clear: the decision is not easy. But the best part is that you can try a different hairpiece every day!

Hair Pieces: Some maintenance is required.

Regular washing and a little maintenance is particularly important if you treat your hair pieces with styling products such as hairspray. You need to be very careful, especially with real hair strands – just like your natural hair, it can be damaged quickly if handled incorrectly. Hair pieces made from real hair are best washed while hanging them under the faucet or shower head. You can use your normal shampoo for this, but you definitely shouldn’t rub it too hard. Scratching and twisting is also prohibited! After washing, gently pat your hair with a towel and blow-dry slowly. From time to time you can work with a little care so that the ends do not break and the hair does not get tangled. Synthetic hair pieces are best washed in a bowl of warm water. The same applies here – no rubbing, massaging, or twisting! Let the hairpiece dry after washing and do not dry it. The best way to detangle washed fake hair is with a wide tooth comb. If you take good care of your hairpieces, you are sure to enjoy them for a long time!

Lady Gaga’s legendary hair bow, long voluminous hair like Paris Hilton, thick rapunzel braids like Blake Lively, a pretty pony like Sylvie van der Vaart – all this is possible on your head! Because what stars can do, you have been able to do for a long time: Work hairpieces on your hairstyle and anything is possible! Hairpieces evoke a new style every day in a practical and simple way. The dream of the look of limitless possibilities is finally becoming a reality, thanks to hairpieces!

Image source: gettyimages / Sergey Galushko