Peinados, ropa y consejos: todo lo que necesita saber sobre la confirmación

Hairstyles, Clothes and Tips – Everything You Need to Know About Confirmation

Hairstyles, Clothes and Tips - Everything You Need to Know About Confirmation

In the past, you have received confirmations to encourage the transition to adulthood, gifts such as a wristwatch or part of the trousseau was delivered. Of course, that has also changed today. Confirmed ones often receive gifts of money or technical items such as a cell phone or tablet.Other users are happy when their parents invite them to the big party: “I hosted our parents’ party and to be honest I feel pretty awkward because they must have spent an incredible amount of money there.” It doesn’t seem like gifts are the only reason, right? What do you think about that? Tell us in the forum!

Confirmation Class: Flirt Alert!

The confirmation class is also one of the beautiful things about confirmation. As a general rule, the lessons are given once a week for nine months, along with the other confirmands from the community. You often see old friends from elementary school here, or meet other youngsters, maybe there are some cute boys too? If you don’t know how to address him, here are 10 tips on how to best address guys.

How old are you when you receive the confirmation?

In what age is confirmed? Usually one is 14 years old at the time of confirmation in Germany.. At the age of 14 he has reached the age of “religious age” and can now decide for himself whether he belongs to a religious community.

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