Peinados para cabello más largo: "¡Descubre las posibilidades!"

Hairstyles for Longer Hair: “Discover the Possibilities!”

Hairstyles for longer hair: "Discover the possibilities!"


wantedon December 3, 2013 | 16:23

Is long hair boring? Are you kidding? You mean it when you say that! Because you can do a lot with beautiful long hair. Find out which hairstyles are our absolute hair highlights – have you found your favorite yet?

Long hair: in the heat of the braid!

Do you wake up in the morning and your hair is back and forth again? Braided hairstyles are the secret of bad hair days – they keep even the wildest manes in check. Just braid into a casual herringbone braid, a playful Gretchen hairstyle, or different hippie locks into little braids.


The bun is fast becoming an all-time favorite: either elegantly shaped with a ring-shaped pillow or quickly and easily twisted together in the undone look. The knot in the hair also harmonizes well with a small bangs or individually plucked locks!

Lure the boss!

Those who have been blessed with straight hair sometimes long for a change too. If you don’t want to grab the scissors right away, you can pull out the curling iron without further ado, use the comb to create a precise center parting, and conjure up dreamy curls at the ends. This visually gives it more volume and it looks very feminine.

A stiff frize!

Head-on: The sleek look is ultra-modern, edgy, and fresh. To do this, massage a hazelnut-sized portion of hair gel into the roots and use a comb to comb the hair back. Make sure to smooth the lengths and then fix them with some wet gel effects.


The classic ponytail has accompanied women with long hair since the earliest childhood. Undisputed, he is the master of simple sports hairstyles. However, it can also look elegant: leave a strand when tying the braid, wrap it around the elastic of the hair and pin the area with bobby pins, rock the ends of the braid with a curling iron and the hairstyle is done.


Updo hairstyles don’t always have to be for unusual occasions. Twist several individual threads and secure with small clips. With fun accessories or headbands, you can enhance the look and add character.

Click on our photo sample and discover the different hairstyle options for long hair.

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