Peinados para cabello graso: 3 ideas rápidas

Hairstyles for oily hair: 3 quick ideas

Hairstyles for oily hair: 3 quick ideas

Emergency hairstyle

Whether you have greasy hair or your hairstyle unintentionally resembles a wet look due to a lack of washing (for example, at a festival) – on such a bad day, you need a proper emergency hairstyle. How you can style your hair when it seems greasy than some salad dressings, we tell you about it here!

Fighting oily hair – this is how it works!

Before we tell you how to hide your oily hair, we have six effective tips that will help you fight greasy mane.

Oily hair is super annoying, but it’s easy to hide and transform into something beautiful. You don’t have to scrub your head every day, because that only promotes greasy roots or the messy look (you can find out with us: How often is it healthy to wash your hair?). So be careful with your mane and try special hairstyles for oily hair that hide the debacle.

Hairstyles for oily hair make oily shine look as expected!

These hairstyles for oily hair are done quickly

The secret that underlies all hairstyles for oily hair: they are characterized by a certain severity. Because a loose and wild look is simply not possible because oily hair is tamed into thick and thin strands. Loose, bulky, wild? It does not work. But don’t worry about it! Because even a certain classy elegance has something beautiful about it and the trick that you can hide your cool greasy hair. So what about these hairstyles?

1. A well-tied ponytail

Probably the easiest and fastest way to hide oily hair: a ponytail. But not messy, comb back and tie well. The locks should not fall out, because unfortunately they slide on the face instead of playing romantically. If the braid doesn’t sit well, you can twist it into a bun and pin it down.

A strict ponytail with a classy look does not make oily hair stand out.

2. Straight hair with a “wet look” effect

If it’s stringy and shiny, then really! That’s the unofficial motto of this hairstyle for oily hair: the open and wet look. To do this, comb your hair, then take a good portion of hair gel and apply it to your hair with your hands and a comb, from root to tip. It is better to comb your hair all the way back to give it a more elegant look. The hairstyle works for short, oily hair too.

Greasy hair? Nonsense, of course it’s aaalles hair gel …

3. A precise braid

Braided hairstyles can be made fluffy and undone, or they can be braided with special precision. The latter works particularly well with oily hair. Due to its shine and somewhat firmer texture, you can braid the braids with great precision. Besides the two classic and simple braided braids, you can also try braiding them along the head. A greasy mixture disappears in no time!

One of the best hairstyles for oily hair is strictly braided braids, which look particularly silky due to the natural shine.

Completing hairstyles for oily hair – caps and hats help!

A simple trick to hide a greasy hairline is all kinds of caps and hats, but also XL bandanas and headbands that cover the roots and attract attention. You should always have these accessories ready to complete your hairstyle.

You can see more tips and styling ideas for oily hair in this video:

There are definitely hairstyles for oily hair. You can have a bad day in style! PS: In an emergency, it is also helpful to have a dry shampoo on hand in your bag and freshen up the hairstyle in between.

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