Peinados para cabello grueso: 6 looks fáciles

Hairstyles for thick hair: 6 easy looks

Hairstyles for thick hair: 6 easy looks

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Anna Grosson 07/13/2017 | 14:37

Looking for hairstyles for thick hair? We’ve rounded up six looks for you that you can quickly and easily style yourself, even with thick hair.

6 hairstyles for thick hair

What woman doesn’t want thick, full hair? But like almost everything, thick hair also has its advantages and disadvantages. Especially at higher temperatures, during sports or other activities for which a thick whale mane simply cannot be worn in all its glory, long hair lengths can be quite exhausting in the long run. We’ve rounded up six hairstyles for thick hair that you can use to tame your loose hair in just a few simple steps.

# 1 high ponytail

Without a hairpiece, a high ponytail looks simple and elegant at the same time on your voluminous hair. Can be styled in no time too – just grab your hair with a hair tie together and pull out some strands at the temples. If you do the braid I want to use it even more informal, you can go under the top of the hair with your fingers on the top of the head and Lift them up gently, that conjures up something Fullness at the top of the head.

Tip: Use a hair elastic without a metal piece to avoid damaging your hair. For thick hair they are Spiral hair ties idealas they distribute the weight of the hair evenly and thus better stabilize the ponytail.

# 2 herringbone braid

Braided hairstyles are absolutely perfect for thick hair, because thanks to their large volume, braided structures are particularly effective. For the popular herringbone braid, first divide your hair into two equally thick strands. Now, take a thin strand from the outside of the right main strand and bring it to the inside of the left main strand. Repeat with the other side and lead the alternatively to the tips. Tie the end of the braid with a fine hair elastic.

# 3 dutch braid

A Dutch braid or a Kim Kardashian double Dutch braid really stands out with thick hair. You can find out what tips and tricks you should definitely consider when braiding the Dutch braid in the linked DIY instructions.

# 4 messy bun

Unlike women with fine hair, you don’t need a messy bun for a messy bun Little helpers, like a Bun pillow. Haircut works with thick hair without any problem. To do this, tie your mane loosely at the top of your head with a hair tie. Offer hairpins additional Stop and keep the bun from coming off. It gets even more casual when you pull out some highlights from the Bun and take it around the face. The hairspray provides extra strong hold.

# 5 pixie cut

One of the simplest hairstyles for thick hair is the pixie cut, as full manes are very easy to style and hold their shape for a long time. But be warned: the pixie tends to look best on women with oval facial features. If you have a fairly round face, the pixie cut can be applied quickly. Depending on your preference, you can style it wild and casual or elegant.

# 6 bangs

For most women, a pony hairstyle means a lot of styling effort first and foremost: Comb, straighten, spray and even with the slightest moisture after a few hoursnorth all over again. Not so for women with thick hair, this look is made for them. By the natural weight of the hair the pony stays in shape with almost no intervention. Also, a pony takes a bit of volume out of the overall look of the hairstyle and makes it a bit more delicate, great for oval and hmineral shaped faces.

Tip: If you don’t want to grab the scissors right away, a deceptively real clip-on bangs may be the solution for you!

Can’t decide which hairstyle to wear? So maybe your zodiac sign can help you choose. Now click through our image gallery and find out which hairstyle suits you best from an astrological point of view!

There are quite a few hairstyles for thick hair that are easy to style and at the same time can quickly take the heaviness out of your hair length at the back of your neck. Can you think of other hairstyles? Then we look forward to your style tip in the comments!

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