Ab November 2019 werden Spielplätze in Hamburg zur rauchfreien Zone.

Hamburg’s playgrounds are now smoke-free

Ab November 2019 werden Spielplätze in Hamburg zur rauchfreien Zone.

Especially danger for young children

Carelessly disposed of cigarette butts not only pollute the environment, but also pose a serious danger to children. It’s no secret that young children, in particular, put almost anything they can grasp into their mouths. The cigarette butts found in the sandbox are no exception. If your child puts cigarette butts in his mouth, chews on them, or even swallows parts of them, this can lead to symptoms of poisoning with symptoms such as nausea, vomiting and diarrhea.

“If a child under 12 months of age swallows a dry cigarette butt, the pediatrician should be consulted immediately,” warn health experts from the Federal Center for Health Education on the independent information portal rauchfrei-info.de.

If the cigarette butt is wet, this can be even more dangerous. Here the ingredients are already dissolved and can be absorbed immediately through the mucous membranes.

Where are cigarettes prohibited in playgrounds?

Therefore, a German-wide smoking ban on playgrounds would make perfect sense. However, in the context of state laws on protection against smoking, only three federal states stipulated a uniform ban on smoking in playgrounds: Bavaria, Brandenburg and Saarland. In some cities, there are also municipal smoking bans in playgrounds, for example in Heidelberg, Bottrop, Magdeburg, Cologne and Wolfsburg. Other cities and municipalities prohibit at least throwing cigarette butts in playgrounds, for example Bremerhaven, Borna in Saxony or Heusenstamm in Hesse.