Hamed Anousheh: el conmovedor iraní con una voz aterciopelada

Hamed Anousheh: the soulful Iranian with a velvety voice

Hamed Anousheh: the soulful Iranian with a velvety voice

Secret Favorite

Hamed Anousheh wants to finally make a breakthrough in “DSDS”.

Hamed Anousheh is one of the secret favorites on “DSDS.” No wonder, because the Iranian has everything to really start with “DSDS”: voice, talent and a lot of feeling. And besides, it also looks great.

“You really have everything you need to be a star,” the “DSDS” jury said unanimously at the latest slogan exposition. Without a doubt: Hamed Anousheh is one of the big favorites in DSDS. The 25-year-old not only looks great, but also impresses with a personable personality and a voice that will melt you. The native Iranian has been singing since he was 16 years old. He applied for the “DSDS” so that he could finally live off his passion. Because Hamed Anousheh has already proven a lot in the music business: not only singing, but also in production and songwriting. So far the only hit that hasn’t been seen. But the motto of the handsome Iranian with the velvety voice is: “It is never too early nor too late. It is always time.

Hamed Anousheh: advance on “DSDS”?

He was born with a love for music. Hamed Anousheh’s parents are both musicians: his father is a Persian flute teacher and his mother is a classical singer. That is why Hamed Anousheh, born on January 13, 1987 in Trier, grew up with traditional music. However, he has loved pop since he was a teenager. And the 25-year-old wants to go in the exact same musical direction, in case he starts with DSDS. Their role models? Sure: the King of Pop and Justin Timberlake!

The fact that Hamed Anousheh brings so much feeling to his songs is also due to his sad story: he has not seen his mother, who lives in Iran, for more than ten years. Because he lacks the financial means to finally bring his mother back to Germany.

To fulfill this long-awaited wish for him and his mother, Hamed Anousheh fights with all his might for his success on “DSDS”. The only thing that could get in the way of the hat fanatic and self-confessed bachelor is his nervousness. But isn’t that what makes her personal charm? We will keep our fingers crossed for the soulful Iranian!

Image source: RTL