Hana & amp;  la estrella del hip-hop

Hana & amp; hip-hop star

Hana & amp;  hip-hop star

Since the beginning of July show Russell Simmons (55 years old), Hip-hop legend and founder of the label Def jam as well as the fashion brand Phat FarmY Hana Nitsche(26)At “Angel Ball 2012” (photo on the left) The uneven couple held hands and exchanged loving glances. Now the successful businessman took the beautiful model. Show “Victoria’s Secret” with where the two of them sat in the front row. And who knows, maybe with your support, Hana will soon be running for the lingerie brand? Hana Nitsche left the Toggle contract resolved with Heidi Klum’s father’s agency. Things have been much better since then and she has landed a lot of modeling jobs. In which Success in the USA Her new boyfriend will surely help her now. By the way, Russell Simmons was married to model Kimora Lee Simmons from 1998 to 2006; the marriage had two children. In 1999 he sold his record company to Universal Music Group for $ 100 million, and in 2004 the sale of his fashion brand brought him $ 140 million.What you think? Is it true love or just a professional stepping stone?