"¡Manos fuera!": ¡Estas parejas del programa de Netflix todavía están juntas!

“Hands off!”: These couples from the Netflix show are still together!

"Hands off!": These couples from the Netflix show are still together!

Too hot to handle

Netflix increasingly provides us with self-produced reality formats. Unlike other programs, “Finger weg!” (Original title “Too Hot To Handle”) was about the participants having to move away from each other to get the prize money. Not everyone made it: the couples emerged from the beginning that they were already hot. We will show you if Francesca, Harry, Rhonda, Sharron and company are still together after the show. Warning, spoilers!

Are Francesca and Harry still together?

There wasn’t a couple that broke the show’s rules as often and cut the prize money for everyone like Francesca and Harry. Their relationship was not free of jealousy and flirting with others. By the end of the show, the two lovebirds seemed very much in love. But can your relationship survive in the real world? Finally, Francesca Farago from Canada and Harry Jowsey from Australia, highly sought after by most of the male participants. In fact, they both managed to overcome this distance. Francesca already posted a cute couple photo on her Instagram account showing the two in Vancouver, Canada:

Even Francesca managed to visit Harry in his home country after “Hands off!” He also posted an intimate mirror selfie in which the two can be seen playing:

According to an interview with Oprah magazine, the relationship was not as simple as these images would have you believe. Due to the distance, there was actually a breakdown in the relationship, until Harry decided to move to Los Angeles. In the meantime, the two are definitely a couple and according to Harry, they could possibly make the decision to get married.

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What happened to Rhonda and Sharron?

Francesca and Harry weren’t the only ones to emerge as a couple at a young age. Rhonda Paul and Sharron Townsend also went on an intimate two-way date on the show, in which they decided to start a relationship in front of the camera.

Meanwhile, sadly, things look different. Here, too, the problem is in the great distance: Rhonda lives with her son in Atlanta, while Sharron lives in New Jersey, more than 1,000 km away. After the broadcast, the two had maintained their relationship for a few months, but due to the current crisis situation, the two were unable to meet at all. Sharron was also tied to his hometown due to health problems within his family. The two are still in friendly contact, but we can’t count on cute couple photos just yet.

Are Lydia and David a couple now?

Lydia and David also dropped the award money with a passionate French kiss on the show, though David was also very interested in Chloe and Rhonda before Lydia joined later.

Unfortunately, one searches in vain for couple photos with these two. Both have used the attention of the Netflix show to develop their influencer careers. According to his own account, David of London is currently single.

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The other participants do that now

Although almost all the participants in the program flirted with one or the other, there were no other couples. There was still a surprise after the broadcast, though: Nicole O’Brien and Bryce Hirschberg, who hadn’t gotten close on the show, met at an all-cast gathering in Mexico. The two have been in a long-distance relationship since spring 2019, but are currently unable to see each other due to the Corona crisis.

The show not only brought the couples together, but also created real friendships. Chloe and Nicole have always been seen together on the show and even lived together for a time in a shared apartment in London. For the future, the two are planning a joint project: Chloe and Nicole want to talk about relationship problems and other topics on a podcast. We are excited!

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