Feliz cumpleaños Miley

Happy Birthday Miley

Happy Birthday Miley

Along with her mother Tish, Miley came to “Trousdale Nightclub” and had a blast: “He was so happy and he was having a lot of fun, dancing all the time and being with all his friends. It was the party I was waiting for “, an eyewitness reported.

Miley had an especially good time with a friend. Avan Jogia (18, known for Victorious) kissed the actress on the neck and hugged her. It has not been officially confirmed if Avan Jogia is Miley’s new boyfriend, but it is clear that Liam Hemsworth is now part of history!

“I’m not just celebrating a party, but a whole month’s birthday”Miley said about her early party. There was still a disappointment. Miley’s father, Billy Ray Cyrus, did not show up at his daughter’s party. Hopefully, even though he’s divorcing Tish Cyrus, he’s congratulating Miley on her 18th birthday!

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